Welcome World Antique Depot. If you are looking for beautiful Light and furnishings that have been crafted with love and care, you've come to the right place. Our story begins with our love of Antiques to our father, the certified Antique expert, Mr. Magdy Ayyad, who inherited from his father to become the love of the real interaction in 1988 by building the Miami Antique Gallery and then pass it to his son Marco who’s also a certified expert, which has been mixing the modern and antiques in the field of manufacturing lights and furniture since 2006, we do export our production And our creativity to the world through our director Mr. Nasiem to Italy, New Zealand and elsewhere.

We have gorgeous mahogany, teak and oak furniture, crafted from the finest grade solid woods using traditional techniques

  1. Our hand polishing process leaves our furnishings with a flawless finish that will look fantastic in any home.
  2. Just take a look at our collections of luxurious, chic French style furniture and matching Light sets in stunning.
  3. As we manufacture all our products, you can be assured our quality and prices will not be surpassed. We offer bespoke service from furnishing that special room through to major projects with interior designers.
  4. Many of the designs you see on our website are exclusive to us, so you can be assured we’ll offer you the best value for money, quality and service in the market.