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The Louis XV sideboard was once furniture for storing dishes, linens or provisions, it was found in the house in the kitchen or dining room. Each era has its own decoration in terms of furnishing, which distinguishes it. Wardrobe or buffet the finishes differ from one style to another. Thus, when it comes to enfilade, we distinguish especially the chest Louis XV. This furniture is particularized as well in its ornament as in its elegance. The Louis XV buffet The Louis XV style furniture spreads mainly from 1723 to 1750, ie in the second quarter of the 18th century. Its beginning is determined by the Regency period and extends into the following ones. It should be remembered that this period corresponds only approximately to the long reign of Louis XV (known as "the Beloved.") As a reminder, this monarch was born on February 15, 1710 in Versailles and died on May 10, 1774. The Louis XV style is also known as the "Rococo" or "Rococo" style and is one of the most imaginative trends in French furniture art, with its main characteristic being its refinement and comfort, as well as its lightness and a femininity in the movements. Reproductions of Louis XV buffets in marquetry It is common in the Louis XV style to use precious wood to make furniture on large surfaces with marquetry decorations. But he existe buffets Louis XV solid cherry, which is called Provencal buffet furniture from this region, it was usually made of solid wood and did not have inlay, this style a little different to meet also a great success, as the style louis Philippe style. The models of our store are mainly buffets in marquetry, much more refined and decorative. They ask for a more precise work, a great know-how in cabinetmaking, we used formerly precious woods, like the mahogany of Cuba, wood nowadays not found, which one replaces by mahogany of Africa or Asia. Our reproductions are also made with fine inlaid precious wood species, they come from different continents, we also ask our supplier to choose where possible forests of well managed forests, to preserve the environment. The fittings of our models as the antique furniture are garnished with gilded bronzes and topped with real marbles. The old buffets The buffets in Boole marquetry are Louis xv furniture in black lacquered solid wood, inlays are manufactured as in the past, however, we had to adapt the materials, indeed some are now banned for our greatest happiness, and for the preservation of species such as turtles, which were used for making marquetry. For our reproductions these have been replaced by synthetic materials, the design is identical and does not cause any distortion to nature. The old buffets of the 19th century were often in solid walnut, our chests are reproductions of the 18th century, the structure is in solid natural wood but they are decorated with precious wood marquetry, sometimes with golden woods and topped with a top marble. The realization of furniture in marquetry requires to know-how and much more work, but the rendering is much more interesting. Chests are sometimes called credence, they are chests topped by a floor by a top opening with two doors. Others are surmounted by shelves for storing the dishes; these are the dressers, sometimes called "buffets enfilades" or buffet two bodies. In the first place, it is necessary to know how to distinguish a chest of drawers from a sideboard. In practice, these two pieces of furniture are very similar in that they are both useful for storing and keeping various objects with almost similar dimensions. Moreover, there is a big difference between these two furniture; the dresser is equipped with drawers, while the buffet has doors. In this category, the Provencal buffets of Louis XV style in solid walnut are popular with ornaments often wrought iron. Always in terms of credenza, there are enfilades, which are in fact the bottom part. These are storage furniture which have three doors, see more. They are often installed in the living room, kitchen or dining room. Today, as in the time of Louis XV, precious wood marquetry decorations adorned with gilded bronze are used, structures made of solid wood, with marble trays. Obviously, each model can be unique as the finishes are handmade. You will find on our website a wide choice of buffets.

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