Frequently asked questions

To ensure order accuracy, we ask you kindly that all orders are places through our website or email.

You can contact Mr. Nasiem on normal business hours through our email or by phone on +201023546955.
Please login to your account to check your order statue.
You can change your shipping address before we ship your goods through email or by phone +201023546955 Whatsapp.
If you need to update your order you can do this through our email or with your order number before we start work on your order and you must get confirmation email from us that we can change or update your order.
You can pay for your order through our website, we are gladly accept most major credit cards.
Once your order has been submitted, we will charge your credit card immediately for the full invoice value plus shipping fees.
Your credit card information forward directly to the merchant bank who is process your payment in a very strike high security system to avoid fraud activity.
There is no sale tax in Egypt for products been sold overseas, but for any products sold in Egypt we charge sales tax equal to %14 according to Egypt Tax law.
If you’re the product you order is in our stock we will ship it immediately, if not then on most cases our products are custom made to order, so please allow from 2 to 8 weeks production time, production time vary depend on your order quantity.
As soon as we ship your order we will email you confirmation shipping details and tracking number.
A- By Air ( L x W x D) + 10cm each side + 5000= KG - shipping weight x $cost for every KG in each country.
B- By sea is flat rate.
We have incredible talented and skilled team of professional packaging and wrapping your order in safe and protected way, we check each item before shipping and we take picture for all shipping items to insure that it’s free from any damage.
A- Once your item has been picked up, the shipper will contact you and alert you of the delivery window so you can arrange to receive and inspect your items.

B- You must be present for the delivery time during the window as discussed with shipper, world antique depot is not responsible for any fees incurred for rescheduling for redelivery of your shipments, so please make sure you are available during your scheduled delivery window.

C- Once your items has been delivered, you must fully unwrap and inspect your items while the shipper is present before signing your receipt and please check for following :-

• If the items are damage , if you find any damage to your item, please write the word damage on shipper’s paper work before you sign off on the shipment.
• Make photo copy of the paperwork noting the damage.
• Take photos of all damage from up close and standing back.
• You may refuse the items if you feel it is un-fixable or you do not want to repair the item. Please note immediate, if the damage is little and you accepted we will give you some discount reverse back.
• Contact our office through email immediately to report the damage supported by all photos and copy of shipping paperwork, which you write the damage items on it.

D- If the items delivered are Good and no damage, please sign off on paperwork that the items have been received in good condition and enjoy your items.
We dedicated to making any claims process as quick and painless as possible, it’s very important that once your items are received that they are thoroughly inspected prior to signing off on the paperwork, please make sure any damage are noted on the paperwork, by doing this ensures that you are covered for any damages and help move along the claims process, claim can takes anywhere between 2-4 weeks. If your damage item are repairable and have been accepted by you, we will give you reasonable discount refund back or give you gift certificate to use in purchase other items.
If you need to reschedule your delivery date or time, then please you need to contact the shipper immediately to notify them of the change, please note any charges for reschedule date or times, will be charged by the shipper and will be billed to you directly, our shipping fees only include the first delivery:, you will be responsible for any fees incurred for second and subsequent delivery attempts.
It’s your responsibility to tell the person who sign for you to inspect the shipping items before signing and accepting the deliver item, if he or she fail to inspect the delivery items and did not follow the steps we noted above then no claim can be accepted, any way we will send copy of our inspection policy with each shipment, so no excuse can be raise later on.
We give hug big discount for export container order of mix stuff, please contact us through our email and we will try to give the lowest price in market for top quality.
Our %110 lowest prices guarantee, which mean if you find any lower price than our price for the same quality and same type of wood, we will match the price you get and give you %10 extra discounts on the different between our price and the prices you get.
• You must show us official quotation of other seller offer you the same products for lower price.
• It must be not a wholesale or clearance sale items.
• It must be the same quality and same material been used.
Production time will take between 4 to 8 weeks depend on your order.
Our payment terms is once we agree on final prices you must pay advance payment of %50 by TT or credit card or other payment can be accepted by us and the balance of %50 can be paid after production before shipping by TT or LCD.
Yes we did export already to New Zealand and Italy.
Antique items characterized as being 100 years or over, while Vintage items are characterized as 50 but less than 100 years old.
Yes we have 2 certified Antique experts to value all vintage items and they can issue a certificate of their evaluation at their personal opinion of value, but these evaluations are not final and can be appealed by other expert as all vintage items are subject to expert personal opinion
Our team of World Antique depot we do their best to keep our customers happy and satisfied for many years to come.